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Kaifull HQ Founded in 2003
Zionkaifull Overseas Business Branch Founded in 2017
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Wide Range of Motion Control Products
For Different Market Segments
Customer Oriented Products Design
Cutting-edge Technology
Top Performance & High Reliabililty
Replacement of Top Brands with
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Strict Quality Control System
100% Functional Test
100% 48 Hours Aging Tests
Rich Certificates, ISO9001, CE, ROHS, REACH etc.
Reliable Partnership of Motion Control Solutions
Strong and Rich Accumulation
More than 15 Years Experiences for Key Experts
Wide International R&D Cooperation
Flexible & Fast Customization
Continuous Technology Evolution
Strong & In-time
7*24 Technical Support
Remote & On-site Training
Local Market Co-marketing
≥18 Months Warranty
Quick Customization and Delivery
Covering Major Automation Applications
Electronics and Semiconductors,
CNC (Laser, Plasma, Water Jet, Cutting, Milling,
Engraving, Polishing, Positioning, etc.), Medical, Aerospace, Test Bed, Packaging(Marking, Labeling, Feeding, etc.), Sewing, Printing, Textile, Fabrication, Surveillance, Logistics, Factory Automation, Sorting, Farming, Robotics, Printing, Automotive, Telecom, SPM...
Reliable Partnership of Motion Control Solutions
Legacy Hybrid Stepper Drives
High Performance Hybrid Stepper Motor Drives

  • Pulse & DIR, CW & CCW

  • Regular & Mini Design

  • 2 Phase & 3 Phase

  • DC & 220VAC Power Input

  • Output Current 0.4 to 8A

  • Analog Velocity Control

  • Alarm Output

  • 1 Drives for 2 Motors Synchronization

  • Flexible Customization

Step Servo Drive
Step Servo Drive

  • 2 Phase

  • Pulse Direction

  • CW CCW Control

  • Control Signal

    5-24VDC Compatible

  • 24-48VDC Input

  • 1.0-4.5A Output

  • Alarm Output

  • Incremental & Absolute Encoders

  • Multi-level Protections

Power Supplies
Power Supplies
  • 150W to 360W

  • Designed for Motion Control

  • Wider Input Voltage Range

  • Higher Over-load Capacity

  • Lower Heating

  • 3 Years Warranty

Hybrid Stepper Motors
 Hybrid Stepper Motors

  • 2 Phase & 3 Phase

  • Nema 8 to 52

  • Dual Shaft, Hollow Shaft etc.

  • Motor with Brake

  • High Performance

  • Long Lifetime

  • Flexible Customization

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors
Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors
  • Nema 8 to 34

  • Captive, No-captive

  • External Nut

  • Ball Screw, with Brake

  • Rich Lead Screws

  • Flexible Customization

High Precision Planetary Gear Reducers
High Precision Planetary Gear Reducers

  • Helical Gear High Precision

  • Spur Gear Standard & High Precision

  • Cost-effective for Stepper Motors

  • Extra Long Lifetime

  • 100% Replacement of Top Brands

Rotary Actuators
Rotary Actuators
  • Max. Axial Load 10-200kg

  • Max. Radical Force 5-80N.m

  • Max. Torque 5-80N.m

  • Max. Speed 720°/s

  • Gear Ratio 1:5/10/15/18/30

  • Positioning Precision 3/8 arcmin

  • Repetitive Precision 15/30 arcsec

  • Lifetime >15000h

  • Flexible Installation and Customization

Variable Frequency Drives
Variable Frequency Drives
  • Advanced Vector Control

  • 220VAC & 380VAC

  • 400W to 250KW

  • Easy Operation

  • High Performance & Reliability

  • High Cost-effectiveness

Networking Stepper & Step Servo Drives
Networking Stepper &Step Servo Drives





PLC Integrated

Coming Soon ...

Quality Management

ISO9001 Certificates for Manufacturing System

Fully Implemented & Strictly Executed Quality Control System

3 Rounds of Functional Tests During Production

100% 48 Hours Aging Tests


R&D Expertise

More than 15 Years' Industrial Automation R&D Experiences

More than 20% of Revenue Invested in R&D

Global Cooperation with Noted Company and Experts


Electronics and Semiconductors, CNCs, Medical, Test Bed, Packaging, Sewing, Printing, Textile, Fabrication, Surveillance, Logistics, Factory Automation, Farming, 3D Printing, SPMs etc